“Kitchen Day“ 2015

The 16th “Kitchen Day” (Tag der Küche) took place on 26 September 2015 and was once again the subject of intense media coverage. The high levels of customer interest and active participation by traders remained unabated at Kitchen Day 2015. In particular, the number of participants from the kitchen trade who exhibited and took an active role in the event rose again last year. A central theme shaping the event was the encouragement of participants from the trade to establish local partnerships (e.g. with wine merchants, cookery schools or delicatessen shops), which was just one of many reasons for the extensive media coverage of Kitchen Day.

This success is in large part due to the actively involved members from the trade and the sponsors from the industry: without them, this success would not have been possible. It was very interesting to see how a large proportion of the participants from the kitchen trade engaged proactively and enthusiastically in the 2015 Kitchen Day. This success confirmed once again not only how important support is, but also how the individual trader who engages actively can fully benefit from the event. In order to bring about this day even more successfully in the future, a dedicated project team in the Marketing and Public Relations working group has been established to further develop the Kitchen Day.