LivingKitchen 2015

Trade fairs are very important to AMK and to the achievement of their aims: they are essential not just for public relations but also for enthusing consumers about kitchens. Correspondingly, a cooking year can hardly get off to a better start than with a good and well-attended LivingKitchen event in Cologne. The goal, of course, is that consumers decide to buy a new kitchen for themselves sooner rather than later. In 2015, AMK had their own stand again at LivingKitchen, actively helping association members to promote the fitted kitchen. AMK will also be attending LivingKitchen in 2017 with their own stand. The 13th edition of the AMK “Kitchen Companion” (Ratgeber Küche) was released just in time for the fair. With a new format, new layout and new ways of addressing the reader, a desire for a new kitchen was created in the visitors.
The trend towards the kitchen as a status symbol was confirmed by the record number of visitors.