Attractive Design and Built-In Extractor Hoods for Combined Kitchen and Living Rooms

Mannheim, Germany, 19/01/2021 In addition to performing their main function – extracting cooking steam, odours and fat/oil particles from the room air in an (energy) efficient way – extractor hoods also provide an important stylish element in every kitchen. The range of available products includes eye-catching design objects for lifestyle eat-in kitchens, for example when placed above a kitchen island or on the wall. It also includes less conspicuous solutions such as compact cooktop extractors or ceiling extractors. There are also extractor hoods available that can be made partly or fully invisible.

“Lots of attractive solutions. And each request for a special design, colour, surface finish or customisable look (e.g. in the decor of the worktop or furniture front), however unusual it may be, can be realised by the planning specialists in any kitchen and furniture shop. Perfect and precisely tailored to the exact personal living situation “, says Volker Irle, Managing Director of AMK – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche e.V. For example by using one of the new imposing wall and island hoods in a popular black or grey glass with their distinctive LED lighting features.

For those who prefer a more understated look, there is a wide range of extractor hood systems available among ceiling extractors, which are either mounted on the kitchen ceiling or flush with it. Or in the form of an eye-catching hybrid: a ceiling extractor hood. The hood can wait in the ceiling, where it is discretely installed, to be activated. It is then lowered to a working height which is individually adjustable above the hob for cooking.

A wide range of interesting new extractor hoods are available in the area of downdrafts. This includes models where the cooking fumes are extracted from below. These include, for example, narrow cooktop extractors – placed on the right and left of a cooktop or between several cooking modules (e.g. induction, wok, teppanyaki, grill). And the new retractable table hoods that are installed directly behind a hob. Its elegant designer glass shade not only efficiently draws off the steam while cooking, but it is mainly eye-catching. An integrated sensor continuously checks the ambient air and adjusts the power level of the glass extractor according to the relevant odour intensity. A further highlight: After cooking, the extractor can be lowered into the base cabinet and then it closes so that it is flush with the worktop. The new downdraft extractors can be controlled from a compatible hob; also via smartphone / tablet and app or simply by voice command and a common voice assistant. The slim glass panel can also be illuminated in various RGB colours depending on your mood and taste.

Elegant cooktop extractors are among the current favourites among the different downdraft systems – the compact unit of cooktop and a directly integrated extractor. The discreet and very easily planned 2-in-1 installation solutions are currently the undisputed favourite, as evidenced by their rising sales numbers.

If you need a completely invisible solution for the extraction of cooking fumes and odours, the built-in extractor hoods are an option, e.g. a ventilator component integrated in a wall cupboard above the cooktop. A new wall hood in various widths, installed between two wall units, can also blend right into its surroundings. It is then clad with the desired furniture front. For homogeneous and flush lines, the wall hood is also adapted to the depth of the wall units down to the exact millimetre. (AMK)



Photo 1:
Efficient, very quiet design wall hood – optionally in trendy black or grey glass, in white glass or, as in the photo, in the same resistant material as the kitchen worktop. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 2:
High performance and robust fat separation characterise this energy-efficient cooktop extractor, which works without a fat filter and is equipped with an easily removable and easy-care separation unit. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 2a:
High performance and robust fat separation characterise this energy-efficient cooktop extractor, which works without a fat filter and is equipped with an easily removable and easy-care separation unit. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 3:
Elegant and powerful. The high-quality black glass panel of this design sloping wall hood is expressively set off by a fine grey frame. It is operated by touch control. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 4:
Because of its low installation height, this compact 2-in-1 unit affords plenty of storage space under the worktop. A drawer under the hob is used to access the inside of the extractor for cleaning. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 5:
Black matte trend. This 90 cm wide, head-free wall hood represents a perfect interplay of colour, function and kitchen design. Its LED lighting can be dimmed from working light to an ambient light. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 6:
This retractable extractor hood behind the hob is an eye-catcher in the kitchen. When the downdraft extractor is no longer needed, it can disap-pear into the worktop at the touch of a finger where it is practically invisi-ble. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 7:
This induction hob with integrated extractor, touch control and automatic adaptation of power to the current cooking processes provides elegance, comfort and efficiency when cooking & roasting. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 8:
A clear view over the kitchen island, with a smart and space-saving ceiling fan for example. It can be controlled via remote control, mobile phone and app or via voice control and a voice assistant. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 9:
This cooktop extractor relies on a minimalist design. The grease filters and drip tray are easily removable and are dishwasher safe. The ventilation flaps are opened and closed by touch function. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 10:
In this plan the extractor system is perfectly concealed – a wall hood that is precision-clad with the furniture front and that can be adjusted in depth so that it is flush with the wall units. (Photo: AMK)