Intelligent storage solutions offer more comfort in the kitchen

“An almost suspicious detective-like flair enables the supplier in-dustry to constantly discover storage spaces even for the smallest of kitchens in order to make life more pleasant and easier for the user”, emphasises Frank Hüther, business manager of Arbeitsge-meinschaft Die Moderne Küche e.V. (AMK), Mannheim in germany.

The modern, easily accessible and ergonomic storage of food and much more is demonstrated by, for example, elegant cupboard pull-outs with integrated draw-out damping and damping opening. Easily and quietly, the entire contents of the cupboard can be pulled out towards the user. The stored items are then conveniently and easily accessible from three sides. The infinitely adjustable trays are also extremely pleasing to the eye. Innovative fitting technology means that even when fully loaded, the units are perfectly quiet and elegant in motion.

The new drawers also offer plenty of storage space. Their characteristic feature is the particularly slim, cubist design with extra slim side walls ensuring increased storage volumes. Alongside the minimalist and straight-lined design, enhancing and optically perfectly matched and var-iable interior dividers mean that stored items are at hand and do not slip, for example, using small boxes with magnetic fixtures. Practical, con-venient and intuitive to use, the boxes can be “docked” where needed, for example, at the rear wall of the drawer or the side.

And then there is, for example, a new space-saving opening support for the waste separation system with many advantages: On the one hand, the installation of an electronic door opener integrated in the floor of the cupboard takes up so little space that there is sufficient storage space left in the rear of the cupboard. On the other hand, the waste separation be-hind the front pull-out opens using a gentle tap with the foot on the plinth base which is where the opening sensor is housed. Very practical if you, for example, have your hands full of vegetable waste or pastry on your fingers, since it keeps both the handle and the front of the cupboard clean. Last but not least, the space-saving opening system can also be retrofitted to existing kitchens since the front pull-out system is a suitable for a wide range of manufacturers. “Making good (full) use of all storage spaces ensures comfort and well-being in the kitchen”, sums up AMK business manager Frank Hüther. (AMK)

AMK is the specialist and service organisation of the entire kitchen in-dustry. It is involved in the technology and standards sector, marketing and public services, internationalisation and trade fairs. AMK has over 125 member companies, all renowned manufacturers of kitchen furniture, electronic and electrical devices, sinks, accessories as well as suppli-ers, trading cooperations and service providers. It is also the umbrella organisation for the “Day in the kitchen” which takes place annually offer-ing live event in numerous kitchen exhibition centres in the German-speaking world. Next scheduled event: 28.09.2013. Additional infor-mation on the Internet at and (AMK)

Mannheim, 5th June 2013

Very convenient storage on height-adjustable tray and three-sided ac-cess to the cupboard contents with integrated draw-out damping and damping opening. (Photograph: AMK)

Storage pull-out for tall cupboards and highboards, A special opening mechanism automatically brings the contents of the cupboard to the us-er. (Photograph: AMK)

Characterised by a straight-lined minimalistic design with just 12.8 mm wide side walls and an innovative interior divider system. The small box-es are fitted with magnetic connections. (Photograph: AMK)

Elegant and modern, kitchen utensils can, for example, be stored in this practical interior pull-out with three sided glass attachment. (Photograph: AMK)

And look what it can take. Even heavy items can be stored neatly: The stable drawer can be loaded with up to a maximum of 80 kg. (Photo-graph: AMK)

This space-saving electronic door opener can also be retrofitted. An LED light shows where the opening sensor is located on the plinth. Tap with the tip of your foot and the front will open. (Photograph: AMK)

This space-saving electronic door opener can also be retrofitted. An LED light shows where the opening sensor is located on the plinth. Tap with the tip of your foot and the front will open. (Photograph: AMK)