Kitchen 2018: Trends and developments Minimalist design, ideal storage space and smart electrical appliances

In new constructions, living areas that used to be separated by walls continue to merge together into one large room. The functional zones for cooking, dining and living, including the staircase, become one. The resulting open living space naturally influences the design and equipment of the modern kitchen. In the current season, we can therefore see high demands on the overall design of the kitchen, ideal use of storage space and low-noise, smart electrical appliances.

Particularly in times when people have an abundance of products to choose from, it is understandable that they wish to furnish and equip their homes with as few items as possible. This desire also matches an old saying that has become popular again: “Less is more”. A minimalistic design for kitchen furniture serves not just the purpose of being beautiful: These kitchens do not require being tidied up or cleaned all the time and thus emit a certain calmness within your home. “This demand is rounded off by intelligent storage systems that allow the perfect use of every little recess and, for example, make household helpers disappear whenever they are not needed”, Volker Irle, Managing Director of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche e.V. (Association for Modern Kitchens – AMK), confirms this trend. Kitchens are completely functional areas. “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs and therefore all ideas that serve to facilitate the activities in the kitchen are welcome”, Irle adds. Good lighting illuminates working zones and creates a cosy atmosphere. Organisation and short distances enable ideal working routines. This makes preparing dishes easier and even tidying up is fun thanks to defined places for the various kitchen utensils.
Low-noise electrical appliances are also a part of open-plan living. “Where walls are missing, electrical devices should operate extremely quietly so that they do not disturb the residents”, Irle explains this development and adds: “the volume of the sound no longer goes hand in hand with the performance.” The new generations of extractor hood systems, cooling appliances and dishwashers impress not only with their lower energy consumption but also with their low noise level. Modern motors and improved insulation promote undisturbed conversations in the kitchen and thus contribute to the residents’ well-being. Damping systems for revolving doors, wall units or drawers have also held their ground on the market and contribute significantly to reducing the noise level of a kitchen during “normal operation”. The latest generation of these electrical appliances extends these basic features by allowing control via smart terminals. For instance, apps for tablets and smartphones to control ovens and other devices are already on the market. Asking yourself if you have switched off the oven or not is therefore a thing of the past, as you can access and control the oven or stove from anywhere. These oven apps enable additional convenience by delivering tips and ideas for recipes, monitoring the cooking process and notifying the user when roasts, cakes or casseroles are done. (AMK).