Marketing & Public Relations

Divisional Director: Volker Irle (AMK)

Chairman: Axel Hagmeister (nobilia), Elke Meyer (Hettich)

Goals and activities:

  • Support the sale of fitted kitchens
  • Strengthen communication between the different industry segments
  • Develop strategies to counter price erosion and increase demand
  • Improve cooperation between partners in our market sector
  • Highlight how much value is in a kitchen
  • Conduct fundamental research
  • Ongoing press and public relations activities in support of the kitchen industry across all media, directed towards the specialist trade
    and consumers
  • Events/campaigns
  • AMK industry-barometer
  • AMK Kitchen Companion

“Kitchen Day” (“Tag der Küche”)

Management team: Roland Hagenbucher (BSH Hausgeräte), Volker Irle (AMK)

Goals and activities:

  • Coordinated, industry-wide activities to support the trade in the sale of
    custom-fitted kitchens
  • Coordinated press and public relations activities across all media, including general press, daily newspapers, radio, TV
  • Engagement of cross-marketing partners
  • Kitchen Day 2022: 12. November 2022
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