Cosy combined kitchens/living rooms with dining areas

The high appeal of a new combined kitchen/living room lies in the fact that today, it is the focal point of the modern living experience. No matter what size it may be, an inviting dining area can be realised even in smaller rooms with intelligent planning. Because it is an important part of its charm, comfort and homeliness.

Cooking, eating, communication. A contemporary, lifestyle-based combined kitchen/living room, which is what people increasingly want, stands for much more. Zest for life dining/living culture & cuisine, common enjoyment, creativity, personal expression and lifestyle. A retreat for relaxation after a long working day, a social room for all occupants, a professional workshop for experimenting. A place to dream in. A creative island in the middle of your highly automated and precisely-timed everyday routine. In any case it is a place for self-determination and individual creative design – this might, for instance be rather urban and multi-cultural, or with a more homely local colour, a modern-minimalistic flair as in the Bauhaus style, a nostalgic vintage design or a striking industrial look.

“Whether this central and multifunctional meeting point and heart of the household has to be of smaller design or can be planned more generously, which depends on the living situation and household budget, does not play the major role“, says AMK Managing Director Volker Irle. “The main thing is that the kitchen has a homely dining area. This can be just as attractive and inviting on a smaller scale as kitchens with a larger floor area – the kitchen and furniture specialist stores have plenty of examples to offer.”

There are virtually no limits to personal preference, as today’s homely to highly representative lifestyle kitchens offer a wealth of planning options due to their modular and flexible structure. From the exquisitely colour-matched dining area in the kitchen furniture programme, harmonised with the colour of the surroundings or as an exciting colour accent intended to form an appealing contrast to the kitchen itself.

And as far as the shape of the dining facilities is concerned, there are so many options: A beautiful, large and free-standing dining table for all occupants and their friends, which harmoniously combines cooking and living aspects. Small and larger dining areas grouped around an attractive cooking island, for example in the form of an extended, attached worktop or dining tabletop – so that everyone can directly watch the preparation of the food and chat with the cook while doing so. Or as a trendy dining counter with bar stools that add a touch of bistro flair to your kitchen/living room, and where you might enjoy an aperitif before your meal or an espresso and liqueur afterwards.

Thanks to the experience and the technical possibilities of kitchen planning and visualisation at the kitchen specialist company, there are almost no limits to the individual design of a homely kitchen/living room combination. (AMK)

Photo 1:
In this very cosy planning example, the dining area is directly integrated into the cooking island. The guests can converse with their hosts at eye level during the preparation of the food, and young families can keep an eye on their children during cooking. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 2:
Inviting Premium kitchen/living room combination with easy-to-clean fronts in stainless steel look, combined with a spruce décor in the trend colour black onyx. The harmonised tone-in-tone table and seat frame are simply the icing on the cake. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 3:
Extravagant and angular solution for cooking, washing up and preparing meals with a smooth transition to the dining area. This extraordinary kitchen/living room combination could also be part of a multi-generational household. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 4:
This planning demonstrates how well an attractive dining area can be realised even with a small cooking island. This is made possible by an attractive and versatile furniture programme as well as the competence of a kitchen planner. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 5:
Stylish kitchen/living room combination with high-gloss lacquered fronts paired with homely, sherry-coloured real wood fronts (brushed veneer). The integrated dining counter with the two bar stools adds an enhancing bistro touch to the overall image. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 6:
Designed in exquisite shades of grey with many skilful details – for example with an additional, charming bench on the window side – this country-house style kitchen has two seats directly at the attractive cooking island. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 7:
Design kitchen for the highest demands, where expressive surfaces and homely design elements in the kitchen and living room blend into one common living area. The extended worktop of the island block forms a small dining area for two. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 8:
Dine in a stylish ambience in Cottage or Mediterranean Country Style, e.g. at a comfortable dining area in colour-contrast design. This charming country-style kitchen with its ultra-matte lacquered surfaces with a vertical wooden structure invites you in. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 9:
The ideal of an open kitchen/living room combination with a large dining table that combines everything and everybody: Family and friends, professional and private, creativity and enjoyments – here using the example of an impressive artist's loft. (Photo: AMK)

Photo 10:
With striking, sustainable and hand-made steel and solid wood kitchen furniture, this planning fascinatingly re-interprets the trendy industrial look of the early 20th century – as a kitchen/living room combination with a workshop character. (Photo: AMK)